Mar 11, 2009

Mari Berlawak

Cerita Klakor....untuk merilekkan minda ini...

Lawak2 yg aku dpt sebelum mula kelas Professional Studies setiap hari rabu. disampaikan oleh Ken Smith.


Three site engineers are working on a high-rise project in the city. They have a habit of eating their packed lunch on the topmost floor that has been built. So as days go by, their eating spot gets higher and higher.

One afternoon, as usual, the three men open up their lunchboxes and stared at their own food :

Italian man : Paste,pasta,pasta....Everyday my wife packs me pasta, I'm getting bored and sick!

Japanese man : Same here!all i get is sushi!Sushi,sushi EVERYDAY Sushi!

Irish man : Yes, same! all i get is irish lamb stew! Stew, irish stew everyday! (available at Secret Recipe, by the way...)

They looked at each other and the italian man said..

"one more,and i'm jumping off this building..."

So the next day, they came together for lunch.

Italian opens his lunchbox. He gets pasta. He jumped. He died.

Japanese opens his lunchbox. He gets sushi. He jumped. He died.

Irish opens his lunchbox. He gets stew. He jumped. He died.

At their funeral, all three wives attended. The Italian and Japanese wives were busy consoling each other as both were weeping and felt sorry for themselves.

The irish woman, however, was quiet and wasn't emotional at all. She said to the other two :

"Stupid old man.......he packs his own lunch."


X tahu knape diorg label irish ppl sbgai bodow, tp almost all jokes yg melibatkn irish ppl, memg membodohkn mereka.hehe......oh here's another xde irish...


There was a plane flying from one small city to another. On board, there were 4 people. Obviously there was the pilot. And then there was the Religion Minister, the computer genius, and the school boy.

The plane was fated to hit a heavy storm and the engine blew up.knowing the plane was about to crash, the pilot said to the passengers :

"People, we have a situation. There's no way this plane is going to make it, so we're gonna have to jump off. But we only have THREE parachutes"

"Since I am a pilot and i'm going to be useful in the future so that i can save many more planes and train many more pilot and teach them to avoid this kind of natural disasters, i may be able to actually save thousands of lives. So i'm off, bye..."

He grabs the first parachute and jumped off

The computer genius said :

"Since i am a genius i am extremely useful to the society. The world NEEDS me. I am so smart that i can invent lots of things in the future. In fact, i am probably smarter than everyone thinks i am...or maybe, i am even smarter than I THINK i am!"

So he jumped.

The religion minister said to the boy ;

"Son, i am old. I may have no use anymore to the society. I can barely run, and i'm sure my life is short. Go on, i am always prepared to meet my fate. You go, you are such a young man..."

The boy replied :

"Don't worry sir....the computer guy took my schoolbag"

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